I’ve always been one for appreciating pain as a sensitizer to everything else. If we never felt pain, we’d not appreciate pleasure as much as we do. This, I think, is the basis of how I started to recognize pain as an important part of my life and enjoy it.

Emotions aside, dominating in its purest is an art. While many people find bliss in leather and whippings there is a lot more to it than this; these are simply products of a very large and somewhat complex relationship between people.

My first experiments with this lifestyle were straightforward: pain and sex. I’m a control addict at baseline and when I discovered BDSM as a practice it became very clear, very fast, that this was for me.

The rest of my story will unfold as I post and you will get to know me in a way most people don’t. My strengths, my weaknesses, and how I continue to discover and learn new depths in the world of BDSM.