My Top Five Toys

I’ve tried many toys and accessories over the years. I’ve both given and received punishment from these. I do have my submissive try the tools on me so I know what they feel like.

Here is a compilation of my top five so far!

  1. Chain Flogger. This is a flogger like others, where the strips are chain instead of leather. Not for the sensitive; it packs one heck of a punch. For best practice flog horizontally across buttocks. This toy requires little force to provide a satisfying amount of pain.
  2. Classic Paddle. This should be a staple in a BDSM dynamic. It’s a tool that can hurt as much or as little as you want it to. Bonus: Some are cut to have words or designs in them. Ours says “Bitch”- nice to have that stamped on his ass sometimes.
  3. Bamboo clatter stick. For one reason or another the sound this makes when it hits the flesh is very satisfying. On the receiving end this is both pleasant and painful. It’s a sharp hit somewhat padded by the multiple branches. This does not make it any less painful.
  4. Full Bed Restraints. The ones we have run underneath the mattress and are adjustable. The options include restraints coming out over head and foot of bed or the sides. They make it so you do not need a bed with poles or bars to have a restraint friendly environment.
  5. DIY Spreader bar. These are easy and inexpensive. There’s something sexy about the look of pure hardware store material with no fancy details. My husband made them while I was working and surprised me with them. Very sexy. I love these because they are versatile: there are hooks on either end of the bars, as well as the middle. He also made a smaller spreader bar for his arms with the leftover dowel. These are necessary to restrict movement and make your submissives vulnerable. I especially love this when I use my strap-on!


What are your favorites/must-haves?


Play Safe! X


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