A while ago I worked at a UPS Store where we had mailboxes for clients. I’m willing to bet there was some illegal activity going on in there, but one client that marked me was a “Financial Dominatrix” who had an online presence and people sent her money and gifts regularly.

Of course, everyone has their own feelings about this. There are those who are in full support of this and those who are not. I happen to be among those who are not. I don’t get any gratification from financially or materialistically leading people to giving me things. In fact, it makes me uncomfortable to be admired in this way because it has nothing to do with who I am.

This is all sparked by a post I came across online recently where a person was asking about the legitimacy of a relationship or dynamic in which financial domination is among the very first items of discussion. This pair had known each other online for a month or two, had never met in person, and so the question arose: did this person want them for the money, or for the genuine feelings that come with a relationship of sorts?

There are people out there in it for the glitz and glamour, the admiration, fame, and dedication. There are those who are solely searching for what they can get out of this rather than what they can offer. Everybody’s motives are different and there really is no way to tell if someone you meet online (or in person in some cases) is genuinely interested in you and building a dynamic together. There is no instant relationship.

If you find yourself in a position where you’re questioning the legitimacy of a relationship, it is a conversation worth having with the other person. Someone who loves and cares deeply would not require anything off the bat, and be willing to discuss points of discomfort.

A very large portion of safety in our lifestyle is communication; without it we would be lost and angry. Communicate, discuss, and always practice consent!

As always,

Play Safe! X


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