Wandering Eyes of…the in-laws

I love the fact that my mother in law is so willing to look after the house when we’re away. She cleans and organizes, and puts things together for us, and we appreciate it. What I don’t like is the fact that all of this comes with the fact that she finds these things that need to be done by snooping.

One of my biggest frustrations is being a homeowner and having to hide our intimacy toys because of prying eyes. This way they are inaccessible on the regular and it’s a true pain to have to pull out the storage every time we want to play, which is relatively often. Thus, I have made it a mission to figure out discreet room decor to double as accessible and consistent toy storage.

My submissive found a DIY resolution with a large canvas picture that swivels like a door. Canvases often have a hollow inside, perfect for covering things on the wall behind it. However much I enjoyed that plan, I could not find a sizable canvas that I like enough to keep in the room that is our sanctuary. While we were shopping for canvases I thought of another means to create wall space as secret storage: a curtained wall.

The curtains will run from ceiling to floor and I will adorn it with little fairy lights. I’ve wanted to get a chaise for play time, and now I can acquire it and call it my reading corner where no questions will be asked. The curtain rod we bought is a light-proof one, in that it curves on the sides to sit by the wall, meaning there will be no opening to peek through. I’m hopeful to have this be an alternative to our current situation of everything being hidden in different areas and generally inaccessible.

What do you do to keep your paraphernalia away but usable?


One thought on “Wandering Eyes of…the in-laws

  1. We used to have our toys hanging in sight from a shelve on the side of our wardrobe. But since we hired a cleaning lady, we’ve begun hiding them in a box inside the wardrobe. It’s still rather easy accessible, but there are no snooping eyes.

    When our child(ren) become old enough to go snoop around we’ll need a different solution. I have been thinking about adding a wooden panel between the wardrobe and the wall (there is a small space) to hide the toys behind; like a fake wall. We have not furniture-like items though, just toys, so they’re rather easy to hide,

    Or perhaps just buy a large ornate chest with a lock.


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