50 Shades of Offended

I have been asked about the 50 Shades series and how I feel about its depiction of the world of BDSM. Here’s what I think.

Yes, I am a fan of the books and the movies alike. The storyline describes Christian Grey as a Sadist with Dominant tendencies stemming from seduction and abuse early on. There’s a love story; a sexy eligible bachelor and a shy English major with awkward tendencies. It is a story of two people, just as in countless romance novels and movies. This one just so happens to involve some lifestyle choices that have been taboo and judged among the vanilla folk. It’s a fairytale of a different sort.

Personally I don’t think they are meant to define BDSM or provide an “inside” look at the lifestyle, they are simply entertainment. That said, people will take it the way they want- there will be folks who take it as a serious definition of our lifestyle.

These are my thoughts on the topic. I am a fan of the series and a practitioner long before this, thus my practice is not offended or altered by this. Except maybe the use of fancy masks- I do like that!


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