Domestic Servitude

To provide some more background, my submissive is very much into Femdom (Female Domination). This works well with me because I am a Female and a Dominant. He loves servitude, female led relationships, and power over him day-to-day. This includes pussy worship, providing me with anything I may ask for (massage, chores, errands, etc.). I particularly enjoy having him do chores because, not only do I get to come home to a clean house, my submissive is happy and proud of himself at the end of the day. His happiness and well-being is most important to me and this allows him to be well.

In the realm of domestic servitude I give him scheduled chores for different days. That is to say, bed linen is to be washed on weekends, laundry to be done when laundry basket is at a certain level, among others. I typically tell him a few days to a day before. Some chores, like groceries, are told the day of and expected by a certain time.

When he does well, when everything is done to satisfactory standards, he gets a prize. Be it a sexual prize or a simple bathroom privilege, it makes his day and mine.

I love his need to serve and be controlled, for I love to be served and to control.


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