My Submissive

Let me introduce you to my submissive. I call him Little Bitch, he earned that title. Our relationship began on the grounds of him longing to lick the lips between my hips, so I made him. Somewhere along the line we made it formal and have been married for some time now.

One of the more prominent components of having a successful long-term D/s relationship within a romantic one is trust. Another is communication. Without these two there is no basis for a healthy relationship in either sense. He trusts me to hurt him, use him as a slave, and make him my little fuck toy. There really is no bigger trust, in my book.

He can be a brat; eye rolling, answering back, trying to pin me down… He knows he will get in trouble for it. In no way does he want to switch or top from the bottom, he’s just needy for some humiliation.

Part of my practice includes communicating about his wants and needs. He needs to be humiliated to be a satisfied submissive. His favorite humiliation is being diapered and having no restroom privileges. I know this about him, and ordering him to be diapered makes for a very quick transition into subspace.

He is a very grateful submissive, the way it should be.


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