My Top Five Toys

I’ve tried many toys and accessories over the years. I’ve both given and received punishment from these. I do have my submissive try the tools on me so I know what they feel like. Here is a compilation of my top five so far! Chain Flogger. This is a flogger like others, where the strips … More My Top Five Toys


A while ago I worked at a UPS Store where we had mailboxes for clients. I’m willing to bet there was some illegal activity going on in there, but one client that marked me was a “Financial Dominatrix” who had an online presence and people sent her money and gifts regularly. Of course, everyone has … More Insta-Dom

Domestic Servitude

To provide some more background, my submissive is very much into Femdom (Female Domination). This works well with me because I am a Female and a Dominant. He loves servitude, female led relationships, and power over him day-to-day. This includes pussy worship, providing me with anything I may ask for (massage, chores, errands, etc.). I … More Domestic Servitude

Lifestyle Crossovers

Many areas of the BDSM lifestyle can tie into each other. For example a Dominant can also be a Masochist. The only lines are the ones you place upon your relationship. Many practitioners disagree with this as a fundamental deviance of the traditional BDSM norms. I see BDSM as a deviance of the norm itself, … More Lifestyle Crossovers

My Submissive

Let me introduce you to my submissive. I call him Little Bitch, he earned that title. Our relationship began on the grounds of him longing to lick the lips between my hips, so I made him. Somewhere along the line we made it formal and have been married for some time now. One of the … More My Submissive